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  You need to know what’s going on with your roof! Our LICENSED professionals at A2Z American construction can help with any roofing problem and we back that promise up with Our 100% Satisfaction guarantee.  While most companies concentrate solely on re-roofing, we focus on maximizing the life of your roof and in that respect, saving you thousands of dollars.  We are experts at Re-roofing  too.  More important to our customers is the knowledge and experience that gives us the ability to make an honest decision as to whether your roof can be repaired cost effectively,or if the roof is  unserviceable, and Truly needs replaced.

  We specialize in every roof system and offer free estimates on existing roof problems, leaks, broken tiles, missing shingles, rotted fascia board, rotted ply wood, up to a complete re-roof. If you think you need a re-roof, call us first.        Let our experienced roof repair technicians inspect your roof instead of a re-roof company that just wants to sell you a new roof. We may be able to save you money.

  Here at A2Z American Construction We understand  That there 's more involved with a roof than just the roof.  Just as your foundation holds your house in place, the roof protects the house and everything in it.   Water damage can cause thousands of dollars, in structural and interior damage to trusses, plywood, bearing walls, fascia boards, dry wall, furniture, carpeting, etc. Rain water can get in through your roof and pool around your electrical wires causing shorts which will cost you thousands to repair, and possible electrical shock to a loved one.
  A2Z American Construction Also knows the Arizona heat and the effects it can have on a roof, and, more importantly, the things it's protecting.  Roof leaks can go undetected for months causing harmful mold which can, in some cases, effect the health of you and your loved ones. Mold also attracts insects ,such as destructive termites and ants......
....And that's not all.Our houses shield us from other invasive threats the Arizona desert  has to offer. Any opening in your roof not only has the potential to allow water to enter into your home, but also  is a likely nest for Africanized (killer) bees, which will  intrude into your attic and burrow into the walls of your home. Roof rats can also enter into holes in your roof by climbing near-by trees, nesting in your attic and chewing  the insulation protecting your electrical wires and exposing the threat of  fire.

  A2Z American Construction Understands that your home is your greatest investment. It's where You and your children sleep at night. It's where your priceless possessions are safely kept. It's what you show to your friends and relatives. It's a reflection of you. A2Z American understands this because we are proud American families just like you, and that is why we take pride in our quality workmanship that will help you protect your investments.

  A2Z American Construction works closely with Insurance adjusters at your property  to make sure you get the money you need for a quality repair or re-roof, and aren't stuck paying out of pocket loads of money for a less than perfect estimate.  It's always good to have a licensed roofer meet with the adjuster to point out things he may have missed. That could mean the difference between You getting the new roof you deserve or just a minimal repair which will eventually reveal itself, with reoccurring wind damage and leak locations outside the original repair.

  Call us for a 1,2, or 3 year roof certification.  Our roofing division is fast, honest, professional, dependable and in most cases can provide you with same day repairs.

  Call today and get a FREE inspection to see if you qualify for our Total Roof Warranty plan.
This is what we do! Let our experienced well qualified roof technicians help you protect your home with quality material, sturdy instillation, professional courtesy, and still afford to live in it. Let us help YOU take care of your home.

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